Through our biological, behavioural and psychological connections, this series explores how our bodies and souls are bound to nature by examining the similarity between water and human. “Enduring Connection” is an investigation into how we interact with the water. Here, I am looking at the human condition around the water and the importance of the water in our lives. This work takes the water as the main inspiration, not just an element or environmental issue but as an expression of the human and nature connection.


The origin of this project is the book which I am very touched: Felix Guattari’s The Three Ecologies. For Guattari, ecology is more than a concern for the environment. He extends the definition of ecology to our social relationships and our mentality. It is an epistemological system based on an understanding of nonlinear systems directed by feedback loops and nonlinear causality -clearly opposite to a capitalist system concerned with economic growth. Guattari seeks balance through a reevaluation of what we value.

A question arises from here: who benefits from all these progress and what is wasted? 


I believe that in this programmed world human and nature communication needs to be retrieved. Taking the connection between the photographic image, the body and the water as a departing point, my work investigates how we can change our attitude to nature, to ourselves and our surroundings? For audience, through some manipulations this work creates a world which is salty, fluid, wavy, wet and unstable but connected.