This series of photographs started in Arles, France during a photography residency and it continued in Istanbul. Like young people, each photograph has its own story, all the while sharing a perception of feeling in between. In other words, this is the experience of limbo, an uncertain situation that you cannot control, where there is no progress or improvement.  When I experience limbo, I see the same thing in people around me. The origins of my project is, to some degree, subjective in that I began by using the medium of photography to resolve meaning while I question my own past and future. Nevertheless, it evolved a comprehensive content because what I found carried me to explore the transitional stage between adolescence and young adulthood, with its key features like identity exploration, instability, 

feeling in-between.

Also, these are the five features of “emerging adulthood” which is a new period of developmental stage

in psychology, a theory claimed by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett (2000). Despite all differences in social backgrounds and likely economic prospects, it is possible that we observe their feelings about life are similar. At the same time, they ponder their personal and social identity. Emerging adulthood is a lingering period of searching, a drifting, waiting time in people’s 20’s.


However, limbo has a second meaning, which is a West Indian dance where you have to pass under a low bar. In a way, it is like growing, everything is getting more and more difficult as you grow older. At the same time, you find your path and balance in the flow of life.